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Seattle rock paragon, Jeff Rouse and The Gemini Affair, is the sound of the back room. To navigate a given space means often to interact with people of all kinds, from those smoking on the sidewalk to those making the big decisions behind closed doors. The Gemini Affair is the soundtrack of deals made, futures solidified and fortunes told. The music, dark and howling, rattles bones, shakes souls and portends a potential artful doom that might befall if one were to go against those who understand the way ahead.

Founded by Rouse, a longtime bass player, the project began to take shape in 2017. Fresh off the road as a touring musician, Rouse began to write his own songs. He recruited a handful of standouts to get the music on tape. Within weeks, Rouse had a number of songs built out by Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees), Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie), Ryan Waters (Sade) and longtime Emerald City rocker, Keith Ash (Star Anna). The EP, produced by Don Gunn, is séance rock. Full, candle-lit. It was also one of the best selling in Seattle upon its release.

Now, Rouse is poised to release the anticipated follow-up. With praise from radio stations like KJR 950 AM and KISW 99.9 FM and Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, The Gemini Affair has a new six-song EP cut, To…, mixed and mastered for fans and set for release from G4L Records. Peal Jam’s Mike McCready will debut the EP’s first single, “You’re Perfect,” on his boutique vinyl record imprint, Hockeytalkter, and on the XM Radio Pearl Jam Channel. Part-U2, part-Foo Fighters, part-Soundgarden, the record is all torch, lighting fans forward.

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